Job Role

Head of Creative Services

Join Date

2 Jan 2019

Three words to describe DTG

Talented, Fulfilling, Caring

Hey! I'm Roxy

The Creative Services team works closely with development and marketing to design beautiful assets used in our sims, on store pages and in marketing. Whether that’s artwork for a new product, a video to promote a sale, or achievement icons within the game itself.

I manage a team of talented graphic designers and video editors to ensure we get content out at a high standard, on time, and in collaboration with other departments. It's my job to organise, plan, and communicate with teams to make sure everyone has the information they need to get the job done, and then react quickly and efficiently when plans change!

I'm also a Mental Health First Aider and Charity Ambassador at Dovetail. I’m really passionate about having a positive impact in the workplace and giving something back to the community, so these roles have been really fulfilling.

In my spare time I also work with Women In Games as an Ambassador Co-Ordinator. It’s amazing speaking to so many brilliant women and girls in our industry!